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Find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions we receive. If you still have further questions, please don’t hesitate to call or email Alberta Fresh Springs Water Co.

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Q: How Do I Set up a Water Delivery?

Pricing is on our website. You can contact us by:

Emailing us at:

Giving us a call at (403) 278–0003

Filling out our order form online (we will always call you to confirm details before approving the delivery)


Q: What Payment Options Do We Accept?

We have numerous forms of payment:

  • Credit card on file

  • Cash upon delivery

  • E–transfer

For Businesses and Corporations, we also offer payment by EFT.


Q: How Do I Send E-transfers?

E-transfer instructions can be found on the invoice which we send after the delivery is completed.

Q: Do We Sell Spring Water?

We do not sell Spring water, instead we have Re-Mineralized - Reverse Osmosis (RO).


Q: How Clean Is Your Water?

We taste-test and measure the TDS (total dissolved solids) of all our water every morning and throughout the day to ensure our customers get the best quality water.

  • Reverse Osmosis tests under 3.00 TDS

  • Mineral tests between 140 – 160 TDS

  • Premium Distilled tests under 1.00 TDS

Q: Do You Deliver Upstairs?

Yes, we do deliver to upper floors only if there is an elevator, otherwise, we will leave it on the main floor or lobby floor. Please note: we will not deliver up flights of stairs.

Q: Do You Deliver Outside of Calgary?

We currently provide water deliver services monthly to:

  • Airdrie

  • Chestermere

Drink water production line
Glass of clean water with osmosis filter, green leaves and cartridges in kitchen . Concept

Q: Do You Sell Glass Bottles?

No, we only offer BPA-free plastic bottles and the sturdier NON-BPA free bottles.


Q: How Can I Get My Bottle Deposit Back?

If the bottles meet the bottle return policy criteria, you can bring them to our In-store location to get your $10.00 bottle deposit back.

Q: Do You Offer Refills on Distilled?

No, we do not offer refills on distilled bottles. However, if you do have our bottles and you have an account in our system to confirm you did purchase a bottle from us prior and the bottle is in good condition, we can simply exchange the empty bottle for a full bottle of Distilled. Please note: we only offer distilled water in 5-gallon bottles (18.9 L).

Q: Do You Have a Warranty on the Coolers?

Our coolers have a 1-year warranty and if there are any issues, you can come to our in-store location, and we will swap it for a brand new one. Please note: any modifications to the cooler will have the warranty voided.


Q: Do You Offer Filter Changes and System Installation? (Under Ro Water Systems on Website)

Yes, we do offer filter change services and system installations. Call 403-278-0003 for more information.

Q: What If I Need Specialty Filters?

We can order some specialty filters. If you know the exact filter you need for your water system, email, or call us for further information.

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