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Stay Hydrated!

Alberta Fresh Springs Water Co. wants to keep you feeling fresh and hydrated with our pure drinking water options.

Improve Your Water Quality with Water Softeners 

Make your water your way with water softeners from Valumax through Alberta Fresh Springs Water Co. in Calgary. Once you have a water softener installed you will notice a difference from the first time you shower. Softened water feels noticeably smooth to the skin and makes your home easier to clean by reducing hard water build-up. Valumax softeners are also customizable for your home. They are programmable to where you can adjust the amount of salt you use and how quickly the system can recharge. Our pricing is as follows:

  • 1 CU\FT - Valumax $1349.95 + GST (No Installation)

  • 1 CU/FT - Valumax $1599.95 + GST (Installation with Previous Rough-In)

  • 1 CU/FT - Valumax $1749.95 + GST (Installation Including new Rough-In)

Valumax Quality Water

Valumax is a professional water treatment system sold and installed by professional dealers. A valumax system saves you money and time every day. It is very convenient and can be used in several areas such as:


  • Healthier, better-tasting drinking water

  • Improves the taste of juice, coffee, soup and ice

  • Fresher flavors when boiling and steaming

  • Cleaner dishes and china



  • Leaves skin feeling smoother after showering, shaving and washing

  • Makes hair softer and more manageable

  • Reduces soap scum and residue on showers, tubs and sinks


Laundry and Cleaning

  • Clothes and linens are cleaner, softer and last longer

  • Requires 50% less laundry detergent, soap, and dish washing detergent, saving you money

  • Dishes, silverware and glasses are spot-free and “shiny-clean”

  • Virtually eliminates spots, streaks and scum on fixtures, tubs and showers


Plumbling and Appliances

  • Increases water heater efficiency by almost 30%, reducing fuel costs

  • Improves water flow and pressure by eliminating build-up in pipes

  • Adds life to dishwashers and washing machines

  • Protects everything water touches in your home

Jug and glasses with fresh water and lime on table in kitchen

Valumax presents itself under several design and all that to answer in a concrete way and specific to your daily needs. Here, there are the different series of valumax available;

VM Series

  • Two-way regeneration: economical electronic Time Clock mode or On-Demand models available

  • Full 3/4-Inch Flow throughout system

  • Simple 4-Button Programming with large display- No more difficult than setting a digital alarm clock

  • 12-volt output AC adapter provides safe and easy installation

  • Just one Moving Part in the water stream assures unparalleled reliability

  • Never lose system memory and timer clock to power failure; No battery required for back-up

  • High-Capacity premium Ion-Exchange Resin uses a minimum of salt to deliver a maximum of softness

  • 10-Year Limited warranty – 10 years on tank; 5 years on valve and electronics*


VM-HF Series

All the features of the VM Series plus:

  • 28-Day Variable Reserve to deliver even greater efficiency

  • Full 1 –Inch Flow throughout system

  • High Flow Rates of up to 25 gpm to deliver maximum pressure with a minimum of pressure drop

  • Soft Water Brine Tank Refill to virtually eliminate service problems

  • Fully Programmable Control allows the system to be tailored to the exact water chemistry

  • Battery Back-Up and NOVRAM Memory means you never have to reset the system – even after power outages

  • No-Salt detector – (Optional)

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you!

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