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Are you all out of counter space but you really want to use up that open space in the corner? Then take a look at our taller crock stand, with adjustable feet for uneven floors.
$59.95 + GST. 

Water Stand

This amazing water cooler beats the competition in almost every way. You no longer have to lift your water bottles to get them into the cooler. Simply slide the jug into the hidden bottom compartment and it does the rest. This unit produces boiling hot and ice cold water. It also sanitizes itself using Ozone technology so you never have to clean this machine.

$299.95 + GST (Includes a 2 year warranty).

Whirlpool+Cooler Whirlpool+Cooler+Bottle+Out

These stylish and easy to move porcelain water dispensers provide easy access to your water anywhere in the house. They come with many different patterns on the front, from plain white or grapes to a country cottage and many more. They Works with 3 and 5 gal water jugs. Also, check out our Easy Load Caps and Crock Stands. 

$59.95 + GST.

porcelain water dispensers

Turns your bottle into water dispenser. The Dolphin Pump is the best non-electric pump on the market. Works with 5 and 3 gal jugs and is ideal for camping and around the house. 

$34.95 + GST.

The Dolphin Pump
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