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Stay Hydrated!

Alberta Fresh Springs Water Co. wants to keep you feeling fresh and hydrated with our pure drinking water options.

 Residential and Commercial Water Coolers 

Water coolers are a focal point in any setting. You’ve all heard the phrase “water cooler topic”; people congregate around the water cooler to casually discuss their weekends, families, sports, or the last episode of the latest hit TV show. Whether you are looking for a clean, bottled water source for cooking and drinking in the home or a cold, refreshing drink break at the office, Alberta Fresh Springs has bottled water cooler options.


We offer water cooler rentals to businesses at $99.95 + GST annually to rent a hot/cold water cooler. We also have hot and cold water coolers for sale at our store, starting at $279.99 + GST. For more information, call our store.

Enjoying Clean Water

Benefits of Office and Residential Water Coolers

• Instant access to fresh water

• Cost saving, versus buying individual bottled water

• Cold water for drinking and cooking

• Hot water for making tea, soups, and hot water beverages

• Bottles are reusable, resulting in a more environmentally friendly approach

• Small coolers are space-saving

Looking for a water cooler? Our water coolers produce both hot and cold water, with a variable cold thermometer and an on/off switch for the hot water on the back. All of our models have a removable drip tray, lights to let you know when the water is hot or cold and all 3 come with a 1-year warranty. We have a white top-loading model, a black and stainless steel top-loading model, and a stainless steel bottom-loading model.


  • Top-loading white model is $279.99 + GST

  • Top-loading black and stainless steel model is $299.99 + GST

  • Bottom-loading stainless steel model is $379.99 + GST.


We also have rental coolers available for businesses at $99.95 + GST annually.

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