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Reverse Osmosis Water Systems by Alberta Fresh Springs

Why do people drink bottled water over the stuff they can get out of their sink? Because it tastes good. At Alberta Fresh Springs in Calgary, we offer top-of-the-line reverse osmosis water systems that can give you that clean water taste at home or work.


We have filters available for your Pure Value, Gold Line, or any other home filter system that uses conventional RO filters. 5 Micron Sediment Filter $4.95 + GST, 5 Micron Carbon Filter $13.95 + GST, Post-Carbon Filter $24.95 + GST, TFM- 50 Membrane $64.95 + GST.

This is the standard 4 gal tank that comes with most Reverse Osmosis systems. $64.95 + GST


Call us at 403-278-0003 to see the current availability of our RO water systems. We can provide either delivery or in-store refills.

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